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2021 National Bird Show And Expo

Please be advised that the 2021 Canadian National Bird Show scheduled for October 16, 17 has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At this time our hall is unavailable and we cannot get a commitment on its availability in the coming weeks.

 As we navigate these uncertain times we must pay heed to the Government's instructions. The health of our exhibitors, judges, vendors and visitors must come before our desire to show our birds. We have considered all aspects of having a show but there are too many hurdles to go over with maintaining good health being the overwhelming obstacle. We have thus come to this decision in the best interest of all the participants.

We wish you all a safe year and look forward to meeting you all at next year's Canadian National in October, 2022.

Stay well. Stay strong.

The National Show Committee.

Please follow COVID-19 protocol.

Practice social distancing and stay safe, stay well and stay strong